Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#100 - Hababam sinifi askerde

If you can't pronounce that movie title, don't worry about it, neither can I. The reason is that it's Turkish. Yes, you heard right, the first movie on our list is a foreign film. Good thing for subtitles, right? Wrong. I know you know where this is going. I could not find a copy anywhere with subtitles. Actually, I lie. But honestly, I don't think watching the movie with subtitles in German was really going to help us out.

So it seems that there are a few of these Hababam Sinifi films. The first one, titled only Hababam Sinifi which they translated to "Outrageous" came out in 1975 and has an IMDb rating of 9.0. Four more films followed it in the 70's (three rating at 8.5, and one at 7.7) and one more in 1981 which did okay rating 6.5. In 2004 they came out with a new generation of this Hababam Sifini (literal translation: Crazy Class) and it faired poorly, and has a rating of 2.7. Thank god it missed the bottom 100, I don't know if I could watch two of these movies. What's worse is that they decided it would be a good idea two years later to release yet another installment, this wonderful little movie here.

And yes, Chris and I sat through the entire 110 minutes while understanding not a word. At one point we wondered if it was more enjoyable that way. It was rare when we really wanted to know what they were saying. Just watching the bad acting was hard enough on the eyes, at least our ears were spared. We did have fun adding our own dialog to the movie at times, getting a few laughs along the way, especially when the characters were responding perfectly to what we were making them say. It's like we were filming an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

So about the movie. Well, basically, it came down to a bunch of guys who are class clowns and they eventually get expelled from school and put into the army. Hilarity apparently ensues. There's really not much more to say. There is no action/physical comedy to speak of, other than all the actors over acting. The film had a very homosexual feel to it, as the guys kept kissing each other on the cheek, and touching/rubbing each other. There was one good looking guy in the entire movie, while every girl seen was a model, including the bus load of girls that were to become army chicks. The scene that followed them getting off the bus is what could have saved the movie from bottom 100 status, but the director totally missed it. All the girls went to their barracks and were undressing while our "crazy class" was making great efforts to peek in. No skin was shown. Not a single boob. Do I sound dissapointed? Yes, of course I am. You remember reading that these girls all looked like models, right? No, they would rather show some older dude with the bottom of his pants ripped off, as his butt is there for all to see, wearing tiger skin thongs.

The one thing this movie had going for it was potatoes. Yes, potatoes. Although, I do think Chris and I took the potato thing to a new level, but it did bring us a few laughs. Especially when the crybaby of the group went nuts over peeling potatoes. Our MST3K dialog at that point was certainly not family entertainment. But what are you going to do when you have to sit through 110 minutes of Turkish dialog and you don't fully understand that language?

At least the next movie is going to be in English. But perhaps we will look back at this and wished more had been in foreign languages.

So, I leave you with that, but not before we give you our personal ratings and at what point we would have turned the movie off under normal circumstances.

IMDb Rating: 2.6
JF's Rating: 3
Chris' Rating: 3

JF's Turn off point: At the 9 minute mark of the movie, when the boys were forced into getting their hair cut.
Chris' Turn off point: With 20 minutes left. That's when she really started to get bored and just wanted the movie to end.

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